Leather trim repairs available, we can repair, repaint and refinish cracks, holes, rips and tears.

Seat Repairs... Trim Repairs... Steering Wheel Repair... Door Card Repair... Full Colour Changes...

Classic Car Trim Repairs  

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Repairs and tears 

  • Leather seat repairs
  • Repair scuffs and scratches
  • Stain removal
  • Remove pen marks
  • Repair cuts
  • Recolouring
  • Conditioning
  • Lounge suite touch-ups

Leather Seat Repair 

Repairs and Restoration 

Seat Restoration And Protection

Full colour change available..we can repair all leather trims from steering wheels to door cards rips and tears call for details 

Seats and Trim Repairs Fully mobile repairs at your home or work from​ only £45.00

Leather seat repairs

Leather surface repair

Dashboard repairs

Plastic trim repairs & resurfacing

Vinyl tears

Worn leather

Worn surface on steering wheels

Torn carpet

Cigarette burns